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AMANI SEWING ACADEMY Celebrates Class of 2021 at “Resilient Women of Excellence Graduation Ceremony"

On June 25th, in honor of ‘World Refugee Day," Amani Women Center (AWC) celebrated the graduation of 17 refugee women from seven different countries, including Eritrea, Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Bhutan, and Burma. Due to the Coronavirus, 2020-21 was an especially challenging time at AWC, but the women at the Sewing Academy adjusted and worked very hard to succeed. Every refugee woman who comes to AWC has experienced extreme adversity in her home country, followed by the overwhelming demands of building a new life for herself and her family. The Class of 2021 had the additional burden of trying to rebuild their lives amid a global pandemic.

“I will always remember the Class of 2021 as one of the most resilient groups of women we’ve had the pleasure to work with,” said Doris Mukangu, AWC’s executive director and founder. “These women showed their strength and resilience despite all of the extra challenges created by the pandemic.”