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Johari handcrafted Krobo Glass Bracelets are made in Ghana by Johari Artisans. Made from recycled glass, Krobo beads derive their name from the fact that artisans residing in the Krobo mountains area contribute to a large quantity of powdered glass beads production. The bead making craft in the Krobo region of Ghana has been passed down through generations. 


Glass Powder Bracelet-Yellow Mix

  • Materials: elastic string, krobo powder glass beads. Strung on strong elastic, the bracelet is easy to put on and fun to wear.  

    Sized to fit most wrists. The actual size is about 7-1/2 inches.  Chakra balance, meditation, healing bracelet.  

    Beads have played a key role in traditional Krobo culture for a long time, with their uses including festivals and ceremonies. Krobo beads are also adorned by African chiefs and community leaders as a symbol of status. 


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