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Going out to your favorite market or just meeting up with friends, this crossbody bag gives you plenty of storage for your necessities. And the hands-free aspect of walking around with a lightweight bag that is securely wrapped around your shoulder makes this your go-to bag for walking the dog or tackling those quick errands we all face each day.

African Fabric Crossbody Bag- Stripes

  • Each bag is handmade, here in Clarkston, Georgia by the production team at the Amani Women Center (AWC). The Amani Women Center is a local non-profit with a mission to empower women. The AWC provides access to their Sewing Academy to local refugee women, empowering them to learn a useful skill and once they graduate from the academy, they are offered a job at the production facility. They are also encouraged to start their own business.

    Most of the fabrics used to create these beautiful bags have been donated to the Amani Women Center – making most of these bags one-of-a-kind. We are working to build up production of the bags and sourcing the materials from here in the United States.

    Women in the program are paid 100% from the program for their work. Profits from all sales goes back to the Amani Women Center so that they can continue their outreach to the local refugee community and continue to empower the women who come through their programs.

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